Art and Poetry


Those words have echoed in me, ever since I came across them.


Mwangi Njuguna,

16th | January | 2019.



I thought I should write about you,

Because I have been thinking about you,

Quite a lot.


Yes, I’m admitting it,

It’s been a while since someone made me feel this way.


I thought I should write about you,

Because you are still my muse,

And kissing you makes it even better.


Holding you up close,

Leaves me feeling so warm on the inside.


I thought I should write about you,

Because I’m still crushing on you,

Ever since the first time, I laid my eyes on you.


Mwangi Njuguna,

8th | January | 2019.

Pretty Girl

Pretty girl,

I’m just saying hi,

As I write this letter to you.

You know, I check up on you quite a lot,

I’m always keen to know how you are doing,

Ata kuna time I tried sliding into your dms,

But you left a fella pending.


Anyway, pretty girl,

And yes, the term pretty girl is just metaphorical,

All I mean is this:

We’ve met before and done a couple of things,

And here is the gist of it all,

I wanna hang out with you some more,

I kinda enjoy your company.

I even wanna hear you narrate your stories some more,

Cause you just had a captivating way of narrating them.


Pretty girl, yes you are fine and all,

And I even know you have a man,

But what does that have to do with anything?

Anyway, Pretty girl, my queen,

Listen to what I have to say,

I miss some of those lovely days,

Those days when we would,

And then you would,

And then I would,

You know what I mean.


Anyway, Pretty girl,

I was just saying hi,

And checking up on you,

I hope this letter gets to you,

And I hope you are as glad reading it, as I was writing it.


Mwangi Njuguna,

10th | December | 2018.



Of Birthdays and Other Stories

On such a wonderful day as this,

A queen was bequeathed to us,

With the smile of an angel,

A kind heart,

An enchanting voice,

And a breathtaking personality.


Dear One,

As you celebrate your birthday today,

I hope you have a blast,

And I hope that you enjoy every bit of it.

I also hope that this day brings you joy,

As it does to us,

Because you are a blessing to your loved ones,

And a gift to mankind.


May you live for many more years,

May your life be full of joy and bliss,

May you never lack your heart’s desires,

And may God’s protection and Love be with you,

Now and forever more, Amen.


Mwangi Njuguna,

5TH | December | 2018.




My Kind of Lover

The kind of love that you offer,

Is of a different kind,

It’s the kind that leaves me feeling contented,

It’s the kind of love that I have been searching for,

The kind that inspires me to write such poems about you.


The kind of person that you are,

Is a person with a good heart,

And a ravishing smile to match the same.

Your presence leaves me feeling good on the inside,

As I laugh and smile on the outside,

You are the one I have been searching for,

You are the one with the keys to my heart.


Mwangi Njuguna,

3rd | December | 2018.


We said that was our last time,

And we promised ourselves,

That we meant what we said.

But look at what we just did,

Oh my, you have become another addiction,

That I now have to conquer.


I should be feeling bad about this,

But the truth is, I actually don’t,

I have been reflecting on some of the things,

That we did we last night,

And I kinda wanna do it one more time,

We can even say that it will be last time that we finally do this.


I know I should not be thinking like this,

Because I am committed to another,

Just as you are.

But if it’s not too much to ask,

Can we meet at our usual place?

Can we have another sexual escapade?

Can we enjoy it one more time?

Even if it’s going to be our last time,

To reminisce back to our younger years,

To kick it like we used to,

To enjoy it all one more time.


Mwangi Njuguna,

2nd | December | 2018.

Throwing Back

You crossed my mind this morning,

And I immersed you in my thoughts.

My mind drifted back to all the good moments,

That we’ve shared together,

And if I am being candid,

I miss each and every bit of that.


I miss you for that matter,

You and everything that pertains to yours.

I miss those morning cuddles, that we enjoyed while together,

Those brunch meals, that we would devour on weekends.

I miss those evening walks, that we would enjoy together,

I miss staying up late, to binge watch our favorite sitcoms,

I miss our uplifting conversations, that left us spiritually elevated,

And most importantly, I miss having you by my side.


Mwangi Njuguna,

27th | November | 2018.



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