I Wrote HER a Poem

I took out my pen,

With a simple goal in my mind,

With the objective of talking about her,

Cause writing is the best way which I know how.


She read that poem,

She loved it,

She let the words sink under her skin,

As the words carried her to a land far away.


Mwangi Njuguna,

19th |February | 2020.


Sometimes I think I am over you,

You’ll even hear me, on a good day,

Claiming that I have moved on.


Sometimes, I’ll say I’m doing fine,

That you are no longer in my mind,

That I am way over you,

That you are just another person in my past,

But there is more to it,

Cause there are days when I really miss you,

There are times when I miss our friendship,

Your company, your laughter,

And the way your dimples show,

Every time you smile.


Mwangi Njuguna,

14th | February | 2020.


If you find me staring at you,

Right in the middle of our conversations,

It’s cause I awed by what I see,

You slowly take my breath away.


If you find me pulling you up close,

When we are lying underneath the covers,

It’s cause I feel happy,

Every time you lay next beside me.


If you find me calling you up at night,

It’s cause I miss you and your lovely voice.

Your company pleases me,

Whilst, hearing your laughter,

Leaves my heart at ease.


Mwangi Njuguna,

10th |February | 2020.


There are somethings which I wanna do to you,

And with you,

But that is only if you will allow me to.


If you let me,

I’m gonna kiss you all night,

And thereafter,

We gonna cuddle up together till the wee hours of the morning,

After varied sessions of perspiration,

As we share out our thoughts,

Whilst singing out our favorite songs,

And as we binge watch our favorite shows,


If you let us,

We can try out a couple of conceptualizations,

Which I have been thinking about,

Ever since that first day that my heart met yours.


Mwangi Njuguna,

8th |February | 2020.

Consciously Falling

I am falling for this lass,


I have been trying to fight it,

With everything I have,

Something about me not liking attachments,

Because they don’t always seem to augur that well.


I have been falling for this lass,


I have been trying to hold on to old walls,

Which I put up a long time ago,

For my heart’s protection,

To precisely help me from falling for her,

As I currently I’m,

But it has been to no avail.


The more I try to latch onto yesterday’s walls,

The more I find myself grasping at straws,

Something about old scars,

Something about healing and moving on,

Something about me wanting to try something new,

Something about me getting over my failed past romances.


Mwangi Njuguna,

24th |January | 2020.





I Try Not To

It try not to think about you,

But the more I try to run away from you,

The more I find you in my thoughts.


I try to not to dial your number,

Right after recalling,

How much I miss you,

And sometimes I succeed,

Or so I tell myself,

Until that moment when I can’t help it,

Then you’ll find me lurking in your socials,

Just, so that I can check up on you.


This is the part where I now admit,

That yes, I’m still hung up on you,

Yes, you are still the one I think about early in the morning,

And late at night, when I am retiring to my bed.


On a different day, however,

You’ll find me trying not to think about you,

Trying  not to miss you as much,

Because I still do,

Because every now and then,

Even though I won’t admit it,

I wish that things would be different between us.


Mwangi Njuguna,

18th |January |2020.



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