I woke up earlier than you today,

So that I could prepare and go for work.

However, before I did that,

Something occurred to me,

You recurred in my thoughts.


A few months ago,

I was praying for exactly,

What I have now.

A few months ago,

I was wishing to be as close to you, as I am at the moment.


A few weeks ago,

I was busy contemplating how amazing it would be,

To be right here, next to you,

Cuddling up with you,

In the wee hours of the morning and late at night.


Now that I’m here,

Now that we are here,

I’m gonna pull you a little bit closer,

I’m gonna feel your warmth next to mine,

I’m gonna run my palms alongside your naked body,

And we are gonna enjoy each other’s body,

Who gives a damn, if I will be late for work?


Mwangi Njuguna,



Old Favorites

Mwangi Njuguna

I was just playing our favorite song,

And I had these flashbacks,

Running up in my mind.

If  you can remember that song,

Which we listened to and sang out loud,

That song which became our favorite song,

When we went on that vacation,

Up there in the mountains,

Next to the scenic waterfalls.

I still remember that day clearly,

Like it was just yesterday,

And I remember how much you smiled,

And how you jumped around, when I played that song.

I remember how much we danced on that particular day,

How we played our favorite song on repeat,

And how I held you in my arms,

As I watched you spread out your wings,

As I watched you have the best time of your life.

Mwangi Njuguna,

23rd | May |2019.

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Moments of Refection

I’ve told myself more than once,

That this is the last time,

That this, will definitely be my last encounter,

That from now henceforth,

You will be at the back of mind,

Like the sole of my shoe.

But it is only easier said than done.


How I will forget your picturesque smile,

Stills remains an enigma to me,

How I will forget your enchanting laughter,

Your warm embraces,

And those treasured moments of vulnerability,

Still poses a puzzle that I am yet to figure out.


In that regard,

I will stop fighting whatever this is,

I will play some of our favorite songs,

I will even dance to them,

As I let the moments which we treasured,

Play in my mind, like a movie which is on repeat.

And then I will take my phone and dial you up one more time.


Mwangi Njuguna,


Free Days: Fridays

I wanna immerse myself in a book,

I wanna get into another world,

That has been envisioned by another writer,

With characters who are as real as light and day.


I wanna read the kind of stories that will blow me away,

I wanna read the kind of books that will leave me hangover-ed,

Because the sweet taste of that particular story,

Remains stuck in the periphery of my mind and my imagination,

I’ll do all this, because it is my free day and today happens to be on Friday.


I also want to lay cozily on my couch,

As I enjoy some fine wine,

While I also light up one of the cigars,

Which I had treasured in my drawer,

For a special occasion such as this one.


Right after doing that,

I want to listen to music,

Like really loud music,

The kind of music that will carry all my troubles away,

And then I want to dance to the beat,

Till sweat drips from my body,

Till I get high enough from all the intoxication,

I’ll do all this, because it is my free day and today happens to be Friday.


Mwangi Njuguna,

5th |July|2019.


Up In Flames

We’ll sit right here,

Hand in hand,

Looking at the scorching flames,

Burning up all that we built,

Destroying all that we worked so hard to gather together.


We’ll sit right here,

Even if it’s for the last time.

And I’ll look into your eyes,

Like it’s the first time I’m meeting you.

I’ll hold you so tightly and so close to me,

Like it’s the last time we are embracing one another.

I’ll take a piece of paper,

And I’ll write about you one more time,

You’ll take your paint brush,

And you’ll draw an illustration of the broken pieces that are.


We’ll sit right here,

As we look at what has been,

As we enjoy all that was,

As we look forward to what will be.


Mwangi Njuguna.

4th| July| 2019.

My Yesterdays

I went back to my yesteryears,

And I camped there for a while,

As I reflected on my past,

Whilst I sought to heal,

From a past that was once to painful to reckon with.


I went back to my yesteryears,

And I casually strolled down the memory lane,

As I laughed at the memories,

When I scrolled through some of the pictures,

That captured some of the blissful moments we enjoyed.


I went back to my yesteryears,

This time round, I had no baggage to carry,

I had no pain left in my heart,

My soul was free from all the occurrences,

That happened back then in my yesteryears.

I was finally liberated from a past that once caused me grief.


Mwangi Njuguna,

3rd |July| 2019.



I thought fairy tales were only supposed to be tales,

But that was until you came across my path,

That was right after, we had an engaging conversation,

And that’s when I knew,

After I saw you in a different light,

That fairy tales come true.


I used to think fairy tales were only the stories you read at night,

But that was all before I tasted your lips,

That was before I embraced your curvaceous body,

That was before I knew the warmth of your body,

And that’s how I know,

That fairy tales can come true.


I used to think fairy tales were only stories you fantasies about,

But it was only when I saw my fantasies begin to materialize,

In the form of a beaut such as yourself,

The one whom my heart beats for,

And that’s when I came upon the deduction that,

Fairy tales do come true.


Mwangi Njuguna,

27th |June| 2019.

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